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Be Brave
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About Moxy

Suzanne Edmond
Founding Director

I spent twenty years working in international, corporate, government and charity communications advising senior leaders and cabinet ministers controversial and high-profile issues across media relations, external affairs, digital, marketing and crisis communications.

I founded Moxy Communications on the belief that dyslexic thinking is an untapped source of creative solutions to today’s unprecedented communications challenges. And let’s be honest, we have a lot to contend with right now.

I also wanted to challenge the (quite frankly ridiculous) idea that Directors of Communication didn’t need positive encouragement, that they should carry the weight of an organisation’s reputation on their shoulders alone without complaint.

I believe that the world needs to understand, embrace, and empower those who think differently. I want to unlock everyone’s potential to show their moxy. To allow them the confidence of their own conviction, to trust their instincts to challenge convention and do things their way.

To be brave, to be bold, to think differently and ultimately communicate better.